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Are you planning to purchase collaborative robots in the near future?


Robots have a lot going for them in terms of reducing safety risks to employees, improving efficiency, and cutting overhead costs, but what type of robot best serves your production and staffing needs?

In this free on-demand webinar hosted by SME, industry expert Jim Beretta provides a clear description of the most important differences between using a traditional industrial robot and a collaborative robot in your production. Jim provides examples of applications involving cobots that assist employees while freeing them up for more meaningful tasks that are less mundane and are less prone to repetitive motion injuries.

This on-demand webinar also sheds light on the contrast between a production using a traditional industrial robot versus a collaborative one.

Speaker: Jim Beretta <br>
President <br>
Customer Attraction Marketing
Jim Beretta
Customer Attraction Marketing

Jim Beretta is a marketing consultant for the automation and robotics industry. He is a moderator at industry conferences, works in marketing strategy with robot companies, robot integrators, end of arm tool manufacturers and advanced manufacturers around the world. Jim comes from the automation industry and worked as an application engineer then in sales of complex automation systems and then finally in marketing for one of North America’s largest robot automation firms. Jim graduated from the University of Western Ontario, is based in Cambridge, Ontario and loves everything that is automated.